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You'll see your line and your stroke.

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Introducing Alignment Pro

Learn what it feels like to hit the "Sweet Spot"

  • All-in-One Hinge

    All-in-One "Hinged" Patent Pending Golf Training Aid that rotates in a smooth motion every 1 degree for putting, chipping and full swing.

  • Compact Sleek Design

    The Alignment Pro was designed to be compact and sleek enough so it easily fits in your golf bag.

  • 3D Alignment

    The Alignment Pro will help you to be more accurate and longer off the tee with a Driver, A Fairway wood or an Iron.

  • Improve

    The Alignment Pro helps improve your short-game efficiency by helping with both chipping and putting.

What the Pros are Saying

The Alignment Pro helped me to be more consistent with lining up my Putts on the putting green. It is a Mulit-functional Golf Training Aid that can help with all facets of your game.

I now practice with a purpose rather than just hitting balls.